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Vermillion NEXT, Young Professionals Network for Emerging Leaders

The Vermillion NEXT, Young Professionals Network for Emerging Leaders is an initiative to engage young professionals in and around the Vermillion area, for people age 21-40.

One reason for the “age-range” is because, over the last 15 years, Vermillion has seen negative net growth for demographics of 25-49 years old. This Young Professionals Network will allow the Vermillion community to have engagement from professionals – everyone from farmers, to teachers, University faculty/students, white-collar, blue-collar, and everything in-between.

The Vermillion Next program is a great way to get involved with the community, to meet people, and to have an impact on the city and on your own professional development.

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Member Benefits

When you join Vermillion Next, you gain access to some pretty extraordinary perks. Here are just a few of the benefits members enjoy:

Meet other community members
Learn new skills to grow professionally and personally
Help make the community better
Opportunity to be a committee member
Discount on VCDC sponsored events
Ability to a become community leader


This is the committee that will assist in creating and planning events that will help everyone grow as young professionals. Never stop learning! Grow both professionally and personally.
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This is the committee that will help create and plan events that orchestrate REAL change and make a difference in the community. We will be involved from little things in the community to big projects.
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This is the committee that will help create and plan events that are FUN for everyone. We think of fun things to do. Want to go to a Coyote football game but want others to join along? The Vermillion NEXT Social team can organize it.
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On the Fence

If you’re not sure if you want to join a leadership committee or get involved in a specific group, that’s cool too. We can let you know what great events are happening and you can join us.
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“Vermillion NEXT is a great way to create many different avenues of getting engaged, while not replacing anything that already exists, and by enhancing what is already being done. This can be such an important part in Vermillion’s growth when it can harness the energy that individuals have when they want to get involved – either through social events to meet people, growth in professional development for their own personal life skills, or civic involvement to make their community even better!”

– Nate Welch
President & CEO
Vermillion Area Chamber & Development Company

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