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#LOVermillion Letter

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What is your story? Have you ever wondered what your neighbor’s story is? Imagine for a moment, what our community would be like, if we thanked each other more for what we do. Imagine how that would feel.

At the 2021 VCDC Annual Banquet, we released our #LOVermillion Letters video. If you loved the video as much as us, you can watch it again below.

Well now we’re officially launching the #LOVermillion Letters campaign. This is the place where you can submit a message to someone in the community that you saw doing great things, or perhaps to that very neighbor. Staff at the VCDC will then take care of sending the #LOVermillion Letters out for you.

Alternatively if you want to send one on your own, you can collect a card from us here at McVicker Plaza – 2 E. Main St., Vermillion, SD.

We all contribute to our community, and we all have a story. We can each deepen the roots of a community one letter at a time. Let’s do this Vermillion!

Who could you send a letter to?